How To Start A Real Estate Crowdfunding Business

How To Start A Real Estate Crowdfunding Business
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How To Start A Real Estate Crowdfunding Business

Crowdfunding is a good way to jumpstart a business, and it also works for real estate business too! Stay tuned to today’s episode as I explain to you everything you need to know about crowdfunding and making more money than you will ever need!

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Noelle Randall

Key Moments In This Episode
00:42 Real Estate Crowdfunding
02:09 Crowdfunding today
04:27 What you can do with it
06:38 How you can start yours
09:22 Quarterly Distribution
09:51 Property Referrals
10:31 Marketing
11:35 Bonus Shares

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20 comentarios

  1. Oscar Mothupi

    Hi Noelle, say I invest $1000.00 and the company makes the projected profits of 20%. How much will I receive quarterly? And for how long will I be receiving this dividend? Thanks.

  2. Blair Clark

    REI changes lives – fantastic point! It certainly does!

  3. A M

    Mission accomplished, I'm definitely investing. I have 2 EIN's and an LLC that I've been renewing annually and sitting on since 2005, looks like its time to put it to use.

  4. Brad Keaton

    Could you elaborate on the SEC step?? Is that necessary for the crowdfunding?

  5. Brad Keaton

    You are amazing! Thanks so much for the info and sharing your wisdom!

  6. Rishwanth rishi

    How create crowdfunding website for our self??

  7. My Bindis

    Followed your business credit tips and went from an A to a D in 30days🤦 are you just doing these videos just to do them?

  8. The Gabella Show

    You are amazing
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom😃

  9. Mary Freedom

    How much can i get if i invest 30 k or 60 k for 365 days ???

  10. Faith Andrew

    I got to know about the benefits of cryptocurrency and forex trading since I started trading with Mr. carlos Kingston i went from $500 to $6,000 within 7days. I should have known his strategies a long time ago, you can find on Insta att Carlos_1uptrades to know more about how to profit from forex trade. I’m doing this because this is the same exact way I saw a recommendation and I decided to give his signals a try now i can vouch his a genuis and the best trader I’ve meet so far

  11. Lovely _Ava DaRealist

    You’re awesome!!!!!! I am interested in working with you!

  12. Marvin Patterson

    Make sense to me

    1) Nuurez: +20%…$500 x .20= $100.00

    2)Traditional Bank: +1%….$500 x .01= $5.00

    Why is it when people of color do something extraordinary all the critics come out and have something to say. Yet buy into a system that is set up for failure. Interesting !!!🤔🤔

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