How to promote a GoFundMe campaign

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So… how do you PROMOTE a GoFundMe campaign? We get into that today! FREE GoFundMe Course:

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Salvador “TK” Briggman

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20 comentarios

  1. John Pavon

    Thankyou for the video! There are so many hands out for money! People are struggling right now, why should they donate? Mine is for legal expenses for a battle with a City!

  2. junior yusuf

    Hi Salvador
    Please how can I have a conversation with you

  3. Dee G

    Good info but had to put the captions on cause sometimes he talks too fast at certain times.

  4. Isabella mcneish

    Thanks for the advisory tip am start a gofundme next year for college and to help homeless people

  5. Pestana. louro

    This is a really good video just struggling to jump start my fundraiser.

  6. Alfredo oriza

    I need your help sir I’m running Go Fund me for my brother

  7. Tyler B Humphries

    This was a really good video. I’m trying to raise money to save my family’s home with a renovation and I already have a news angle to approach the media with because of where the house is located and why I’m seeking donations as well taking out a loan, diverting money from my savings, and starting a side hustle to help pay for the renovation. But the sharing part was what I was having an issue with. I haven’t started my campaign yet because I’m waiting for the general contractor’s estimate so I can know what to set the goal as. But this has been very helpful.

  8. Robert Jack

    I am in need of advice I really am in a bad spot I am abroad in abu dhabi where I use to work years ago I got heart condition and bill did not get paid from insurance and this country will not let me leave until it is settled my daughter set up a go fund me but I cannot get it out no one is helping doing something wrong no food or heart medicine I need daily no place to live staying in const yard hiding no running water real bad they will send me to prison where I will do 3 years you can die here they don't care I have travel ban very bad situation need to figure out how to raise this money

  9. random

    Salvador once got lost in a hot desert and came across a cow, he quickly dove at the cows milk shack and started sucking on one the cows teets, having a big drink to quench that horrible thirst. After bloating himself on milk and burping, Salvador filled up his canteen with milk and than suddenly taken by aliens 😊

  10. Fishnmaster421

    I can’t get more photos on my GoFundMe. It lets me add my main photo but where do I add the other photos?

  11. Ushingio Nelson

    Hello Salvador, i am impress with your lectures. I and my team are currently looking for someone to help us organize a campaign on go fund me. We want to purchase fifty(50) laptops for Student we train on programming in Sierra Leone (Africa). We do have evidence of the training, and the student we train online. We also planning a master class for them by January, and that's where we will be giving the laptops. If there is any way you can help us help this guys, please do. thanks

  12. Zia Folwer

    Hello Mr. Briggman,
    Is there any way that you can critic this GoFund Me page? I am very much new to crowdfunding and my family lives too far below the poverty line to donate so I am trying to look elsewhere. Anything form of recommendation will work. Thank you.

  13. Lorette

    Hi, I would appreciate your advice in this matter since this is new to me, I want to help a family in another country who are going through very bad times due of the pandemic, they are urgently in need of a roof on their head.

    Can I sign up on "Go Fund Me" in their name by signing up with all their details or has it to go through my info. (They have no access to computers or internet)
    I don't expect much donation but at least a decent amount so that they can pay a deposit for to rent a small room and survive through this pandemic that can help to have their meals.

    And will this donation be effected to my taxes?

  14. Arianna Nunez

    Hey! love your videos. How can I get in touch with you? Thanks in advance

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