How to Fund Your Business Venture with Crowdfunding

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This week, Nate covers «What is Crowdfunding?» and how you can use it to fund your next business venture.

What is Crowdfunding?: (0:00)
Crowdfunding Regulations: (0:57)
How Does Crowdfunding Work?: (1:35)
Disadvantages: (1:55)
Eligibility: (2:13)
Capital Sources: (2:38)

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these videos offer a breakdown of everything from real estate investing to securities regulations. From big investors to small entrepreneurs, our content can help grow your business!

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Crowdfunding has become a popular way of raising money for projects of all calibres. In Europe, you can expect to raise up to 5 million euro from sophisticated and retail investors.
So what you actually need to know to finally start your business and get financing in EU?
00:00-00:32 Intro
00:32-00:59 ECSPR
00:59-01:48 Services that crowdfunding platforms offer
01:48-02:12 Fees and commission
02:12-02:52 Check out LenderKit
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  1. My Life In Texas

    Are there any crowdfunding platforms that you could use to raise capital for real estate projects?

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