How to Crowdfund your Comics (and any creative project) Kickstarter & Indiegogo

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finally, talking once again about Kickstarter and Crowdfunding.

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  1. HippyWeasel

    I started this video not thinking it would be worth my time. But I absolutely love you and this is 100% what I needed to hear.

    Thank you for making this!

  2. Manny Simone Cards

    You advertise at galleries, and in the newspaper…holy crap that's next level haha

  3. Hugh McGown

    Was wondering what you thought about pdfs being not secure? Is it only beneficial as a first timer to have your work pirated? Or only detrimental to lose money when producing so little? Ive been scared to digitise at all thinking of going the original sketch or print perks for low end

  4. Andrew Campbell

    Awesome, thank you. As someone who has run out of excuses to NOT pursue my dreams, this was extremely helpful

  5. Rnm 117

    I just started one, I have no money so i also haven't backed anyone, i havent backed anyone simply because i dont have money not because i dont want to help someone else to also reach their dreams, i have a great vision on a comic universe and i just hope people help make my vision a reality so everyone can enjoy it

  6. Nerd Night News

    Perfect! Queuing this now to watch tonight!!!! Thanks!!

  7. sunilsdesigns

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience! I was excited to finish my first comic and wanted to start it on indiegogo or kickstarter, but didn't understand the full scope of other factors involved. This really helped me get a better understanding. Still a bit overwhelming and I've still got a lot to learn, but I want to make it happen ,thanks!

  8. Futuro Comics

    Great advices, as always! Thank you for this!

  9. Ian McClellan

    Loved it my guy. I think I’ll be doing my first next year

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