How money makes you poor with Robert Kiyosaki

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In this interview, George speaks to multi-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki. In case you never heard of him before, Robert is an American investor, businessman, author, motivational speaker, and financial commentator with a net worth of over million. But that’s what Wikipedia says about him. What’s more important, is what Robert has to say about money. How money works, how debt works, how you can work for either one of them, and lot’s of stuff about money you never even dreamed of. Enjoy, I know you’re gonna like this one.
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Robert Kiyosaki issues a dire warning and says that we’re going through very spooky times. He explains how this economic downturn is likely to play out with best & worst case scenarios (including starvation!), and shares his thoughts on the best ways to protect yourself.

Robert T. Kiyosaki is an American businessman, investor, and best-selling author. One of his most popular books is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and it’s a great educational tool on the way to financial freedom. Kiyosaki is well known for revealing the truth about money and finances that they don’t teach in any school.

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Robert Kiyosaki Predicts a Horrible Economic Crisis Where EVERYTHING WILL COLLAPSE
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40 comentarios

  1. Cavaleria Com

    For those of you wanting to see this in Romanian, you'll have to wait a bit. But it will be 100% on George's YouTube Channel, fully translated, don't worry.

  2. Igor Putina

    Robert Kyosaki is a jerk and a broken record. He retired at 47 because he was never any good at business.

  3. Marvin Mühlethaler

    6 minutes in and i‘ve had 3 double ads. No thank you.

  4. Cam Kupka

    jesus christ i gotta turn this off… Robert Kiyosaki is an incompetent douche and incapable of having a simple conversation whilst displaying terrible character… makes me want to whoop his ass for how he talked to this respectful interviewr…

  5. Knight Life

    Grandpapa today is moody and grumpy. Bad luck and kudos to your clamness….. George 🤣 thanks for releasing the raw footage.

  6. Mamat Razzi

    Japanese really strict. Hahahaha but that's doesn't matter, what more important is the taught that he taught that we can learn

  7. George Dez

    He's bat shit crazy. But…..extremely smart. The interviewer is asking emotional questions. That's why robert is upset. Robert has common sense, and that seems to be rare these days.

  8. Theo Valentino

    Kiyosaki is such a prick. The interview has so much patience.

  9. Benson Mabifi

    The interviewer wasn't prepared, he almost cried 😭😭

  10. Gabriel Reinfalke

    In the 80s, MTV told everybody that you can be a rockstar. Later we understood that not everybody can be a rockstar. Today, those business people pop up and tell us that everybody can be a millionaire. Historical bullshit echoing through time.

  11. M G

    Not a fan of Kiyosaki, but the interviewer sucks indeed

  12. PUVI

    that guy is a 100 year old baby.. so annoying. i cant listen to that goose.. glad i've never bought a book of a grumpy old man.

  13. Douken

    Hahahaha Robert had so much patience after minute 7. xD hahahah

  14. Morrissey's Ghost

    I have a feeling Robert doesn’t want us rich


    First of all, I'll stop hearing news and use media. Too much time and money here that I want to stop. Secondly, have ways to save, like be thrifty, plant your vegetables, create ways to ease bills, and do things the way our grandparents survived with. Wood fire, less meat, soups, and share with your neighbors. They used to do this and survived. Like home remedies, herbs, teas, products made of what we have at home. Lastly, have faith and live by it. Only God saves as even we die, I'll fear my death if I get out of God's will and forgiveness and grace. As long as I am with God.

  16. Irene Rolles

    How will you respond to Jesus when faced with Him. Very soon, the day will come. There will be changes in the blink of an eye when believing Christians disappear.

  17. Mae

    Okay don't save, but buy after the crash when people are selling left and right. What do we buy with if we don't save first? What do we save if we don't save cash? This doesn't make sense to me. What do I need to do? I'm literally month to month and I want to know how to change that.

  18. Beautyover60

    A friend told me back in 2008 that we’re going to be another Argentina!

  19. Isaac Ayala

    I've already lost almost everything so I'm good. Only stuff to gain at this point🤷‍♂️

  20. Rich

    Robert thinks people have something to lose. Bwahaha 🤣

  21. Antonius Holleboom

    This guy feels proud to be on top of the mountain🤔

  22. Tony Jones

    When global economy crashes that's when Marshall law is called globally and a mass reduction in population by 6.5 billion people. China and America isn't at war they are very good friends behind closed doors and all countries are working closely together towards the same agenda global reduction in population.they know they have to reduce the population in order to ensure thier future generations until they find another habital planet if not already done so .they could avoid a crash but they don't want to we have reached that point in time again .all the celebrities musicians hold the wealth but it could easily been taken from them if they don't obey the supreme leader of the world's commands and how they do this is get them to engage in sexaul activities with minors and recorded every single on of them engaging in such acts it's what they do for fame and riches but the money is never thier money but they get to live a lavish life style .

  23. Charity Figallo

    Ok good for you …your in great shape and concerned for your fellow hyman. The only thing I have heard to do is buy sikver coins oergaos? Should i cash out my 401k ?

  24. heberto Molina

    Try to link 2 or 3 sentences this guy says, totally random, do not listen to him

  25. Altaf Ahmed

    I dont know but i m happy and earning good money in dubai❤

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