How I Raised $50,000 on KICKSTARTER With No Experience

How I Raised $50,000 on KICKSTARTER With No Experience
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How I Raised ,000 on KICKSTARTER With No Experience

I was able to raise k my first time launching a product on Kickstarter. In this video I talk about how I developed the product and how I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for it.

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20 comentarios

  1. Real People Not Actors

    My band could make a lot of noise with one-tenth of that, so thanks so much!

  2. 1fauxhawk1

    Just came across your video, very informative. I see how this being your first time, you wanted to do something quick. Everything is pretty simple to follow, my only concern is uncle sam. How did you prepare yourself on taxes, did you do anything financially that you would have done differently? Thank for the information, keep up the good work 👍🏼

  3. Truth Reigns Forever

    Does anyone have a lead for services paid to prepare a Kickstarter campaign on your behalf? Even if it’d cost you a thousand dollars or so?

  4. Urban Camp

    Why do american people have this signature behavior to talk 1h and dont get to the point, at the end you have to figure out the conclusion..

  5. Kiburi Cheusi

    Folks are still on kickstarter upset bc they never got their product

  6. Matteo Passaro

    lmao on the comment section of your campaign there are a lot of people saying you're a scammer xD

  7. Casey Vanderjagt

    Hey if you didn’t advertise it anywhere how did you get it to be successful? You just posted it on KS and it made sales?

  8. Hustle Millennial

    Im curious, did you launch this into a dropshipping store? I can only imagine once you know a product will be successful, creating a never-ending chain to continue selling it?

  9. Gadgetronia

    Do you have a link for where your product is selling now?

  10. Million Dollar

    When the money will be collected you can normally withdraw from your bank account ? How excactly it works ?


    🤨 I got an inspiration from you although I don’t know if people are still eager to support others on kickstarter nowadays. Thanks for your video.🤟🤟🤟

  12. My Book2019

    Hello, love your videos very helpful and informative. could you recommend a good supplier? Thanks in advance

  13. Allison Belle

    hello and thanks for the value. it is the supplier on alibaba who creates your prototype for you? and how much does it cost?

  14. Verified Nobody

    Can you go into a bit more detail regarding the logistics between your manufacturer and the kickstarter campaign? Couple questions I have are do you need to order a few as a prototype to put up photos and diff packages for the campaign? Or do you just explain this is for a kickstarter, this is what I want it to look like, can I get photos and such, then you make your campaign and if it successfully funded you order the production of your item?

  15. ROHAN patil

    did you advertise your product using google fb,insta ?

  16. Useer naame

    Kickstarter is supposed to kick-start innovative Ideas and developments i honestly don't like how you exploited the platform but people gave you money for it so i have to respect the stupidity of the majority.

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