George R.R. Martin explains where Tolkien got it wrong

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During his visit to Staten Island for the «Game of Thrones» themed night at Richmond County Bank Ballpark, A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin talked about the shortfalls of his fantasy book predecessor, J.R.R. Tolkien.
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Footage from BBC where John Ronald Reuel Tolkien talks about languages and Elvish. (Subtitles)

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  1. Daisy Daisy

    he’s not saying where tolkien got it wrong he’s explaining how his writing differs

  2. Rehan Ahmed

    For everyone saying Martin can't finish his book wells it not like martin have to write 1178 pages long story martin already did 4197 pages martin story is more better and depper than Tolkeins can ever be LOTR is very predictable and even LOTR movies does not come near Game of thrones popularity even after season 8 the worst season of all and look at ROP it is even shitter than GOT season 8 can ever be F Tolkein Martin is king of Fantasy and better much better than Tokein and atleast martin is not singing after every page

  3. Brynley Jones

    George takes issue with one small aspect of Tolkien, and the internet wages a war between the two. Are your guy's minds so small that you can't fathom someone expressing a narrative preference? Get f*cking real

  4. Multi

    The problem with Tolkien is his veigness on evil. Like Satan and Morgoth/Melkor apparently fighting against your bright-looking creator in challenging their beliefs is forbidden.

  5. be1mont

    Everytime I watch this, it becomes more apparent that George RR Martin didn't actually read the Tolkien legendarium after the initial time. He has no idea what he is speaking about and considering he doesn't even do this in a Song of Ice and Fire, shows how he actively tries to bash Tolkien's work whenever he gets a chance.

  6. Askeladd

    Martin just goes on tangents and not actually write down what's important.

  7. SAY

    South Park portrayal of this man is quite perfect. Who the hell does he think himself to criticize tolkien. Great literatures and writing don't need detailed explantions with so many extra pages and books.

  8. Unnf

    Yeah I cant really sleep since I read The lord of the rings because Tolkien never wrote in detail how Aragorn managed the taxes of Middle Earth after the war of the ring
    and because of this The Lord of The Rings is an incomplete story.
    Damn you, Tolkien…

  9. Kip Lockhaven

    Tolkien was too busy inventing the fantasy genre.

  10. Adalbert Red

    Also, Tolkien didn't use fowl language. I appreciate this. GRR Martin had his top as a writer with The Sandkings.

  11. Steve

    What an arrogant piss ant Martin is. He ignores the virtues of Tolkein's writing and criticizes it for what it is not. Martin might as well criticize Return of the King for not including the recipes of Gondor and the tax returns of the employees of the Prancing Pony Inn. Absurd.

  12. That0neGuyGames

    Tolkien had lot of issues in life. People dont realize tolkien wrote his material before, during after the world wars.
    Tolkien did us a huge favor actually. He left it open. We can do, create, add so much more to the beautiful world he created us. It wasnt a mistake. He did it on purpose especially how they edited or try to edit his work. He tried to preserve as much as he could. Closed stores are stupid

  13. Henry

    Lord of the Rings was about destroying the one ring not a fight for a throne. Making a king was only a side effect of the process of its destruction. It wasn't a story of politics it was a story of hope

  14. Alf Zepo

    Dude did not understand the book, can he not read poetry? Orcs are forces of evil which hate all beauty, Tolkien doesn’t need to write about Aragorn’s tax policy because that’s not what the story is about

  15. Iesous Christos NiKA

    This goes off to show why, if you try to read Tolkien without a christian phronema, you will miss the point on 90% of his work. Tolkien was interested on creating a world and stories that touched on transcendental mental and spiritual themes. For instance, if you follow along the story of Frodo, Sam and Gollum/Smeagol from the time the fellowship was split up until the time the One ring is destroyed, you will notice it is a complete tale on the struggle with sin, how innocence and meakness will protect you against its corrosive effect to an extent, then it's a full battle of will, but eventually we are unable to defeat it without providence, Frodo finally gave in and turned into something alike Gollum, and once evil corrupted two individuals, with opposing wills, it self-destructed, so it took meekness, spiritual struggle and providence for the ring to be destroyed just like faith alone and works alone cannot save a man, we need faith in God and put on the work to be able to get the Grace to heal from the damage of sin and be saved, it is a two way process that involves the free will of both, man and God.

  16. Cameron Haines

    I prefer he ruled wisely and well for 500 years. More epic, mythological.

  17. Farrukh Saeed

    Does anyone know what fountain pen he is using?

  18. Glue Sandwhich

    Tolkiens work is quite possibly one of in my opinion. If not the most indepth work of fiction man has ever created.

    His detail and devotion have been not perfected but consistently improved and worked on throughout out his whole life. That it gives a new level of humanity to his story. The aspect of it all together, its clear his work is not real. But the detail of his work, reflects the magnificence and ingenius design of the power of imagination, and our minds. And how we can create so indepth, so spectacular. That it IS as if a whole other reality was created

  19. William Sydney

    Prophet he is , God's message if you can see…🙃

  20. fancy hat

    this man is as close to a god as well ever see. he created an entire world with thousands of years of history, if that isn't a god I don't know what is

  21. Trine Langohr

    This is why TOlkien pulled off world-building including languages, races, maps and unashamedly grandiose language, without sounding pretentious. He didn't create all that stuff because he thought fantasy writing needed it. He created all that stuff because he loved it, and then channelled it into a fantasy world. A wise woman once told me: "How can you expect to be original if you don't use who you are and where you're from, to create your stories?". Tolkien did that. Many authors nowadays try the same because they think that fantasy HAS to be like that. No. It doesn't. Use who you are and what you enjoy. That's what Tolkien did.

  22. Andrea Di Martino

    "it's too complicated" you made that stuff why did you make it hard for yourself like this lol

  23. Udit Vashist

    One of the true genius minds of the 20th century.

  24. DMTdreamz

    Everything had been transformed into orgasm and visable, chattering oceans of elf language.

  25. Kyosukedono

    All the people in the comments talking about how Tolkien is dissing on "nerds" that learned the language, have yet to see a beautiful woman speaking elvish. Dare I say, I think even Tolkien himself would reconsider his stance. It is nothing less than breathtaking.

  26. Odysseus

    0:19 idk what language that is in his books, but it's definitely heavily inspired by arabic. at first glance, i see that he's writing with arabic words and style.

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