Functionland – Rewards Calculator and Record Breaking Crowdfunding!

Functionland – Rewards Calculator and Record Breaking Crowdfunding!
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Functionland - Rewards Calculator and Record Breaking Crowdfunding!

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Learn about Functionland – Functionland – Rewards Calculator and Record Breaking Crowdfunding! This project is looking to disrupt the cloud storage industry.

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– Rewards Calculator:
– Previous Project Video:

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00:00 – Intro
0:46 – Quick Project info
1:39 – Indiegogo Campaign
2:54 – Rewards Calculator

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MODA MODA : The World's First All-in-One Shampoo (crowdfunding / kickstarter / indiegogo)

MODA MODA : The world’s first all-in-one shampoo with natural ingredients

Healthy as a plant-derived raw material based on antioxidant principles of nature without dyeing. You can get gray hair, hair loss, and scalp care.

I saw this amazing shampoo through Kickstarter.
I Also found out that this campaign was supported by FUNDINGINSIDER.

FUNDINGINSIDER is a crowdfunding agency that proceed relay crowdfunding
in five countries with a single page production.

Kickstarter / Indiegogo in US, Makuake in JAPAN, Zeczec in Tawian,
Pozible in Australia, Wadiz in Korea, etc. can all be handled through Funding Insider.

I’m so happy to meet this campaign
And I am really looking forward to review other products like these in the future!

More details and information about Funding Insider can be found below:

Front Page

For more information/ business inquiries about Earlyadopter Lifestyle, please contact:
Thank you for watching !

#MODAMODA #Shampoo #Hairloss #FunctionalShampoo #fundinginsider #kickstarter #indiegogo #crowdfunding #startup
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  1. Seunghoon Lee

    Yeah, it sounds great but when would it become available in California, USA?

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