Financial Inclusion Under Fire | Gabriel Abed | TEDxBridgetown

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Gabriel Abed asks, what does financial inclusion really look like and how can we achieve it? He proposes a complete overhaul of the current financial system if we are to make this a reality. But what do we replace it with?

Gabriel Abed began exploring cryptocurrencies, and their underlying Distributed Ledger Technology, during his undergraduate study as early as 2010. An alumnus of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology; he received a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Network Security. He capitalised on his 15 years of experience working in the software and technology field, founding BitEdge with its subsidiaries: Caridot (the largest and leading Caribbean domain name registrar) and (a leader in custom website designs). Bitt, his latest and most groundbreaking journey, is a FinTech company built around the twin pillars of global connection and financial inclusion. Gabriel believes that Bitt offers unprecedented solutions to disruptive regional issues from remittance payments to providing much-needed access to e-commerce solutions. Gabriel is now seen as the leading regional advocate and authority on digital currency.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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  1. Tang0Fox1

    The amount of ATMs in Barbados isn't a full explanation of payment because you can use CARIFS at much more businesses and you don't need cash, but the whole "not being able to receive payment" thing is annoying.

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