Final Thoughts – Robinson Crusoe – Collectors Edition Gamefound Board Game

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The final thoughts are here for the game we looked at in March, as the campaign is wrapping up in it’s final hours. Lot’s of love has been added, especially miniatures from Awaken Realm, actual cards from the new app content and juicy addons to smile at. However will all this be enough to warrant a recommendation?

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Robinson Crusoe dropped in 2012, quickly joining the BGG top 100, a game that is loved by many and within 2 days is at over 0,000 raised for the collectors edition, giving you deluxified goodness, new scenarios, and an easy to jump into tutorial version. Are you joining the campaign? Why or why not?

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:55 – Robinson Crusoe Overview
0:02:30 – Campaign Overview
0:06:30 – Robinson Crusoe Collectors Edition
0:08:49 – Big Book of Adventures
0:10:43 – Stretch Goals/Daily Reveals
0:11:53 – Pledge Levels & Optional Buys
0:14:17 – Should You Back It?
0:16:24 – Shipping, Vat, Other Stuff
0:18:23 – Wrapping Up

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21 comentarios

  1. Sylvain Ruffo

    One of my favorites games, and I didn't consider backing it even once. I love games with minis like Nemesis or Black Plague, but also love games like this one also because they don't have minis and let me imagine. Some stories are just written to be read and not watched on Netflix.

  2. Phillip Houk

    So to ask? why not buy base 4th Edition – on amazon (free shipping) $50
    Then buy the upgrade pledge?
    You get to play now, and you get all the new stuff!

  3. Ivo Buthmann

    I really like this type of game! This war of Mine is my favorite game since two years now. Beside Dungeon Crawlers..
    . I love „treasure island“ and „Robinson Crusoe“ audiobooks while painting but this game looked too complex for me (as you say). With the new tutorial I think this will work out. And I was looking for a game to play with my dad – he is excited too^^.Finally an alternative to Settlers of Catan for us. Backed Basegame+book+gamemat+additional Charakters. Finally won the fight not to go all in and totally agree with your opinion. So Boardgame to come number 5 this is :p

  4. hakksor

    I would love to get some updated thoughts now with the new all-in pledge levels and add-ons.

  5. DrollRemarks

    So the only way to get the Open and Play book is to back for at least the €50 upgrade? That's some BS

  6. Andrew DeCavia

    Any thoughts the value on backing at the new all in pledge level? Versus the Everything New pledge? More enticing with the added Gamer & Sailor to look at the expansions now!

  7. Cheree Low

    Thanks Alex – just changed my pledge thanks to your info. Super helpful 👍

  8. Stacie (Everdell)

    Am I the only one a little bothered by the new box art? Is the guy supposed to be Robinson Crusoe? In all literary instances, he was never a pirate and that guy looks an awful lot like a pirate.

  9. Stacie (Everdell)

    Wow, BIG THANKS to you Alex for your comprehensive overview of the campaign. I've got the base game and I'm a big fan (my favorite solo game) so I was pretty sure about going with Castaway Veteran Pledge. But now with further review, I'm wondering if I could just go with the RC Upgrade Pack and get The Book of Adventures later down the line. I still have a few of the base game scenarios to go through plus Voyage of the Beagle which I haven't even punched out yet. Any thoughts?

  10. Andrew Mcdonnell

    For me the book of adventures is a game-changer. Always wanted to pick this up but it seemed so grim. Now you can control the experience so much more finely.

  11. koonfasa

    Rodney does a great teach on how to start Alex. I think people say it’s tough because it is difficult to stay alive, but really it’s about the journey. Made much more exciting if you only just scraped through it.

    I’m wondering if the fort fits on the game board. It looks much bigger than the corner it should fit on.

    And the double mini’s felt odd at first, maybe they could sculpt them differently (like one exploring and the other hunting -hey that could be a stretch goal!).

    Maybe I should start following the campaign, lol.

  12. jacksprat232

    If it is already sitting on your shelf and you havent played it more than a handful of times in the years since you got it; then no, you don't need it. If you don't have it, then yes, but buy the expansions off Amazon now (you'll save about $60). The rest of you, of course, do it for the FOMO or because you just love it.

  13. zovni

    Thanks for the financial advice. It's been pointed before there are some wonky financial gymnastics to do if you want to justify the price points for the pledges. MSRP for base game + upgrade is a nice option, but twice the retail price of the base game for an upgrade pack is still a bit laughable if you consider its just the minis, the insert, tutorial manual and the new storybook. People also forget that this is a game that is continually in print and will not go anywhere. Exclusive stretch goals are imho not enough of an incentive to pay more than double MSRP for what's essentially a game with regular circulation.
    Lots of people are going to be taking a loss when they realise they are not going to be able to flip this to earn back the investment.

  14. Sebastian H

    Hi Alex, thanks for the great video! It's a pity that you do not know the game because it is one of my all-time favs! It is so much fun and rewarding to find your path through all the problems and winning the game in the end! You shouldn't be too worried about the difficulty of the game. We are winning around 50% of our games. I think this is a solid percentage for a cooperative expert game. I am happy to hear that you are going to buy the CE now and give the game a second chance! I am pretty sure that you won't regret it! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  15. Chris L

    Does anyone have any thoughts on: Paleo vs RC?
    Paleo seems almost a streamlined version in my mind. I love Paleo but I'm on the fence with RC.

  16. Heikai

    You should win or lose in a game based on your skill. If you really suck, you should probably never win. Of course there can be different difficulties. Randomness can be a factor to some extent too. Winning should feel earned and rewarding.

  17. Lotter Winner

    225 dollars for the base game and adventure book, too much deluxification for a game I dont know ill like. These stretch goals better be amazing because that price is steep and the current content is lacking.

  18. Board Game Time

    Was soooo looking forward to this video Alex! 😀 Thank you so much for the info and knowledge!!

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