Drip Network stunna breezy said not everyone is going to win

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Drip network – Your best resource for drip network and drip user guide as well as getting started with the drip token and drip community. I answer questions like is drip network a scam? Who is Forex Shark? Can I profit from the drip network and passive income strategies?

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Getting started in defi crypto can be overwhelming. Learning the ins and outs of yield farming and defi farming to generate a passive income needs a solid strategy. Welcome to the Drip community and the drip faucet where degens can earn 1% daily ROI.

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20 comentarios

  1. Trader Tman

    Thanks for the video. Yup I heard that awhile ago but didn’t think much about it. Stunna cracks me up and you keep us informed.

  2. too raw

    Appreciate you bro and your moral ethics 💯🔥👊

  3. Jonathan Rosario

    Dope Content Coach 🤘🏼😎💯💧
    Such as life, but we can continue on to help as many as possible to WIN. Stunnas channel is a professional level channel and thus why he says what he says 💯

  4. keith nicol

    I agree coach.

    I picked up my Son from daycare and his teacher told me about a game he'd been introduced too and he was very good and won all the time. His teacher told me she had to tell him to let others win because you can't win all the time, let me say, we disagreed heavily.

    When you win, you have put the hard work, the effort in, to win. Winning is a reward for being great, don't get me wrong I'm teaching him to be humble of course and you are only trying to better than your last self, that's all, but, much like the no child left behind (thankfully none of that non sense here in NZ) and everyone gets a medal that takes away the value of being first, or, having to try harder to be better.

    The world is becoming so soft and PC that you are literally rewarded for no effort nowadays, it's sad.

  5. scott b

    I believe everyone can win but not everyone will because the discipline and the patience and the hard work required to win are too difficult for some people. That being said, all you can do is control the controllables and let the chips fall where they may.

  6. Bob Sweigart

    Thanks you for your service and also for another lit video baby. LOL. I always look forward to your content. Please keep up the good work ser.

  7. BlueChipDrip

    Great video, I am a prior military, myself, you are right, we all have the same opportunity, but we all will not do the same things throughout our journey, so maybe what Donna meant was that people who panic or cannot adopt the mindset you’re speaking on will cash out as early as they can and missed the opportunity. Therefore, they definitely will not be winners in essence any way I bet I’ve asked this question several times and your video on what is a drip maxi answered it a little bit. For some reason I assumed the drip maxi was someone who had a maxed wallet or more and had a positive attitude towards drip but what do I know? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  8. DefiorDie

    problem is we have way too many Fud Farm kinda people and not enough Warren Buffett kind of people thus Drip struggles.

  9. Antonio Flake

    It’s hard to hear the truth but keep doing you

  10. Mike G.

    The code I live by I got from the Army. LDRSHIP: Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless service Honor Integrity Personal courage. Very important to live by the code. And that ‚solo sport‘ nonsense will not fly in the military! 😂

  11. KL

    There really isn’t any reason to go to any other channel but Coach. I mean….. like… you can literally randomly scrub through a coach video and land on something well thought out, important, and explained. 💯

  12. R G

    There are enough moon boys like Stunna in the ecosystem. He has an audience, and ppl like you who give facts have an audience as well.

  13. Vova Ross

    Tree huggers isnt offensive. Its actually a reference to someone who is big on living in nature and the surrounding resources. These kind of people often care about call living organisms.

  14. DefiorDie

    Stunna is a staunch liberal and liberals see the world through the oppressor/oppressee mindset AND some speculate that is by design. Convince people that they are most likely they are not going to succeed so the people telling you that wont have to compete against you one day. Shut them down, stifle them and brainwash them into accepting they are a victim that needs their handouts. You vote for the very people that profit off of your demise. They get rich all while keeping up their image to the idiots that follow them and the cycle continues.

  15. Caleb Solo

    Stunna with his solo sport made many of his followers Rugged for real some real retards on YouTube.

  16. Caleb Solo

    All these nuthuggers have the same MO I came in early AtH MOON BOY videos . Stunna made is money from Drip and Ray and some other drippers all speak the same besides Ray who is trying to make the community make the returns .

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