CrowdFunding with Fundly

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This is an overview of the dashboard, features and campaign page of Fundly, a «crowdfunding» application. This is a great way to fundraise for your nonprofit or raise money for some other cause.


You can try Fundly at

Here are some things to other things you should know:
1. Fundly does not use PayPal. You have to use WePay.

2. Fees: 5% of each donation goes to Fundly and about 3% goes to WePay (these fees are pretty typical)

3. If you use the dashboard email feature to send emails to supports, the from line will actually be your own email. (The email you set up with Fundly). This way the from line doesn’t look unprofessional or like spam.

4. Fundly allows others to sign up as fundraisers on your behalf. This gives them their own campaign page to reach out to help gather donors. Whatever is donated to them goes into your account.

Take the Complete Crowdfunding Course and get a start-to-finish implementation plan for your crowdfunding campaign.

I hope this was helpful.

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  1. PC TECH SERVICE Solutions

    I was waiting for you to talk about the funds

  2. Rusiimwa Conrad

    my account 01281155858192 DFCU Uganda Kampala Rusiimwa Conrad

  3. Rusiimwa Conrad

    I have agribusiness project I need some funding worth $80000.from Uganda Kampala

  4. Chery Ann

    Hi I try to open a fundly account and I select individual account, but stripes (the page that transfer my funds) is asking for my bussiness information. I don't have a business.

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