Coffee Shop Crowdfunding Campaign Video

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Help us reach our goal of opening up a coffee shop that employs and houses the homeless!!

Join me live in the Café so we can casually chat about Rob’s Gaming Table, tabletop crowdfunding campaigns, what’s going on in the board gaming hobby, and whatever else comes up.

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9 comentarios

  1. Tetrapharmak0n

    Hi Rob, You might wonder WTF is this guy watching a KS video after all campaigns in it have closed.

    I agree so much with most of your takes. I'm a huge fan of games with tons of content, and to me, big mini boxes are not content, they are mostly air. To remind myself of this, I just have to stand up and grab any of the Hexploreit boxes : packed full with playable content, no air.
    More broadly speaking, I think quite a few KS campaigns have lost touch with the reality of what the extent of our wallets is. There are only so many people able to shell 300 bucks 12 times a year. I'm certainly not one of them. When I think of the time I spent playing Tainted Grail for example (I pledged the mini light version with all gameplay extensions), for 150 bucks or so, something like 200 hours, why on earth would I want to spend 250+ on a time stories clone ? Or 500 $ on a weird dungeon delver TM of which I cannot begin to understand what the game is about or how it works, especially since I'm having 7th Citadel coming early 2023, which promises a lot more for a third of the price.

    It seems that, as the crisis hits, instead of focusing on sizing down the price, the box size (or sizes), and trying to get a healthy number of people to back a game, some designers aim at the luxury audience, to compensate for the price hike of products built according to pre-crisis paradygms. There's a French game designer I love, Yossef Fahri, who makes solo only games, and he never goes over the 30 euro mark. Yet his games are awesome, and much more complex and replayable than a lot of the big behemoths.

    Well, all that ramble to point out I appreciate your ethics man. Really do.

  2. mike James

    Finally got to watch this.

    Games I'm backing:
    Too many bones. To collect all the goodness + Victorum because it's chip theory

    Purple Haze: I was on the fence but went for it anyways. Love the theme, but the amount of dice rolling may prove too extreme.

    Been busy playing the west kingdom series and Turczi games. I only have about 25 games and I don't know how you find the time to enjoy them all fully and really explore those amazing creations.

    Great show Rob. Tell Mel I said hi

  3. Helen Shepherd

    Great food for thought and interesting perspective, thanks. Always good to hear what the chat thinks too.

    Tiny Epic Dungeons I received late last week. Played it 3 times so far, with one win. I'm really enjoying it alot. Can see a lot of replayability in it too.

    My apologies if you mentioned it and I missed it, but is Earth Under Siege on your radar to look at? The kickstarter is still upcoming, but I think it's meant to launch any day now

  4. TomaszP

    Regarding your sceptical opinion on KF – too much imagination to my taste, "either this, either that". I raised some of these arguments too at some point but these are only assumptions. And there is nothing shady in their actions yet. You may feel it like that becaus no ATO delivered yet but you are going too far calling it shady. You may be right. You may be wrong. I have not backed ATO, but for KF – I'm going all in. There is a TTS mod for ATO, people palyed it extensively, there is TTS mod for KF, there is a good communication and a lot of updates, they are very active on KS and on BGG. Hence I lowered my doubts and will support ItU's KF. And regarding the playthroughs – there is this guy Kiratze and he did a great job on explaining stuff and playing through the TTS prototype

  5. Jörgen Antonio Elgueta

    On Kingdoms Forlorn, they have a TTS mod for this and for Aeon Trespass: Odyssey. ATO's mod is full of content, three bosses with varying difficulties.

    The mod for KF will more than likely have as much content as the ATO mod. You could back for a dollar and try to play it TTS and then decide. That's what I'm doing. But I agree, they're probably losing money on shipping for ATO, which is why they launched the campaign so soon.

  6. mike James

    Really wanted to catch this one. Work calls at times though. Maybe the next one. If it warms up sooner rather than later I'll be fishing 🎣.

    Thanks for the videos, made my winter better.

  7. Matthew Rose

    My mother also says she doesn't play games, but yet she "Folds the Socks" every laundry day when I was a kid. Little does she know, folding the socks has made her a Master Gamer. Don't quote me on this…

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