Charlie Munger DESTROYS Fake Gurus

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Charlie Munger roasting fake gurus for 5 minutes straight. He explains how many scams there are in the modern world and the dangers of falling for those. People buy online courses & “wonderful” books (only pay for the shipping!) that teach how to get rich, trading actively in stocks and making 300% returns out of thin air. Mr. Munger says that this development is really stupid and ridiculous.
From Daily Journal Annual Meeting (2019)

Being a vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and the closest partner (right hand man) of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger has a net worth of around billion. He is a profoundly wise man who is absolutely worth listening to, especially when it comes to investing, stocks, the psychology of wealthy people, rationality and life experience.

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Charlie Munger DESTROYS Fake Gurus
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Robert Kiyosaki explains how the 2023 real estate market is going to collapse.

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Robert T. Kiyosaki is born in 1947. He is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos.

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25 comentarios

  1. dr_ clavijo

    Well…. he looks very evil. So, I prefer believing to people that believe in help.

  2. LIBqueen

    Yea Grant Cardone's free book
    Cost $6 and was a pamphlet 😕

  3. AJ B

    If all the crocks and scamm artists out there were honest and put all their energy into doing good, instead of evil. Then, the world would prosper better, but Nope some people have to be greedy and selfish.

  4. Fabzil

    Key points : he did not say "we're different because we never sold horseshit", he said "well of course we also sold horsesit, but I did not cover it with sugar"

  5. Max Headroom

    I'll trust any man who's shoulders go half way up his head

  6. son huynh

    Cardone is the biggest POS scammer I’ve ever seen. Constantly brags about his wealth and arrogant as hell. I’m just waiting till a scandal comes down on him someday and render him broke and in prison. Just watch 🤞🏽

  7. Sean Gotts

    him and warren are total legends .. i remeber the banks went to him for loans during the crash … He told them your a bad investment so the answer is no .. goodbye and put the phone down .. LOL … and every buissness they bought they turned around some they kept some they sold

  8. Nexus Nexus

    Good honest business. Thank you CM & WB for being good examples to us all.

  9. Davis Johnson

    Someone like this. This is who you want to listen to. Not Grant Cardone, not Andrew Tate, not Patrick Bet David. This is worth billions, and still sharp as a tack at nearly 100.

  10. Muffinhack

    All Tai Lopez ever did was tell everyone to read books…😢

  11. roguerader

    Charlie and Warren talking about honesty…. My god! I have now heard it all!! hahahah is like Jeffrey Dahmer talking about loving thou fellow man….

  12. alfroybebop

    Billionaires don't sell books about investing or make easy money, only fake gurus.

  13. Junk Bond Trader

    True to a degree. There are honest teachers out there though.

  14. Ernie

    Wasn't Charles Givens one of the original priven frauds like Charlie is describing? Mr Wealth Without Risk? It was proven he made all his money from the books and membership and not stock trading.

  15. Silly Goose

    Now buy my book! Anyone selling a course/book or anything to make profit off of this mindset is biased and jus Trynna make money

  16. Mr Me

    Our world has 4 fundamental practices that are problematic.

    If we dont understand the causes we will address the symptoms or actors, not the causes.

    1st. Large private & Central banks have obtained the Exclusive franchise to create ALL new Currency as Debt, at interest. An increasing population needs an increase in currency, but it is ALL created as debt bearing interest.

    This indebts the whole world, every person, every government, in totally unpayable debts,  enslaving us all to bankers through personal debt or ever increasing oppressive and unjust taxation, permits, licences, rates, registrations, regulations, duties, fees, fines, levies, surcharges, adinfinitum, of which an increasing volume goes straight to the debt creators, who created it for free. (At zero cost to themselves.)

    2nd. Virtually no limitation plus fractional and recirculating fiat currency allows banks to effectively create massive new Currency volumes as DEBT,  blowing massive bubbles (in housing/stocks) which devalues everyone's wages, savings & pension by raising all prices. We call this inflation, but it's really devaluation. (Shrinkflation adds to our reduction and desolation. )

    The fix ?

    Go back to Sound Metalic Money and stop all banks and financial institutions loaning out more than they have on deposit, but further, DO NOT ALLOW ANYTHING BUT Metalic Money TO BE CALLED AN ASSET OR COLATERAL. Real Estate loans have been classified as collateral. This allows the bank to call the loan an asset, and sell it, or loan against it, which blows real estate bubbles. Today >80% of Bank loans are for Real Estate, 50 years ago > 80% was for industry.
    Return currency creation to national treasury departments with a zero Inflation policy and set % levels for industry loans v home loans. 

    This will not create inflation like some bankers/economists would have you think.  It is not WHO creates currency that drives the constant devaluation of your work & money, it is THE VOLUME per population/ productivity. The banks increased the base currency supply by over 65 % since March 2020 & 300% since 2008. This is multiplied as real estate bubbles lever up equity to underwrite new loans. You can't spend it off planet, and we've had no increase in population or productivity. How can this not devalue all our savings, wages and retirement funds by a similar % as it enters the economy ?

    3rd. Fiat currency whether paper OR DIGITAL has no intrinsic value, thus it cannot be used as a long term store of value, particularly in an ever expanding fiat system and it is really only taxation and the 'legal currency' label attached that creates only (artificial) demand for fiat currency.

    The fix ?

    Return to Silver, Gold, Copper & Nickel currency, designated by weight, not cents/dollars. These will find their own local value.  These can't be printed to oblivion, have intrinsic value, and are a safeguard against bankers counterfeit loans.  Continue to keep the manufacture of Gold & Silver rounds by private mints & foundries to help keep the government mints honest.

    Do not allow bankers and economists of the current system to con you into believing there isn't enough Metalic Money. There is a lot of the peoples Gold sitting in every Central Bank doing nothing. Monetise it now. You mix 1% gold, 99% copper or Nickle and you have Gold backed currency. Same with Silver & Nickle. Mint 10th ounce, 2 10ths, 5 10ths and 1 ounce. Or grams in similar increments. Never give it a 'value number,' which is a lie. Give it its weight & purity, and let the market decide what it will buy. Call it 'slow money," like 'slow food.' It's slower for sure, but it's 10 times better for you. We don't need a faster 'speed of money' if we aren't racing against inflation and unpayable debts & interest, and we dont need to live at 100 mph.

    Probably necessary to nationalise mines & pay shareholders out in metals. We are aiming at a more just, more perfect union, and that requires we treat shareholders justly and make them whole while preserving a mining and exploration industry. So gently, thoughtfully, carefully on this one.

    4th The World Bank and IMF are your friendly international arms of the Federal Reserve, who loan worthless US currency invented at zero cost to enslaved nations of people to purchase necessities, when their own commodities or worthless currency would do just as well. This ensures the indebtedness of nation's simply to survive.

    Correct these 4 Principles and >80 % of a nation's problems would disappear.
    Do not allow your masters the Debt slave creator's to tell you it can't be done. They are not seeking your best interests, but theirs.  It is easily done within 3 years if a Global effort was made.

    Beware. The FED, IMF, WEF wants you totally enslaved with Digital currency. Convert your garbage fiat currency into Gold and Silver or prepare for destruction. Come to think of it, you better prepare for destruction anyway.

    The bankers motto is : 'Preserve your Capital at all costs.' The bankers are buying Gold. We the people can afford Silver.

  17. я ненавижу русских

    Kiyosaki will also be presenting a video late next year when all this didn´t happen in 2023 and say, "Watch out, in 2024 everything will collapse"

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