Best Selling PowerPoint Template 2021 🔥 REVIEW 🔥

Best Selling PowerPoint Template 2021 🔥 REVIEW 🔥
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Best Selling PowerPoint Template 2021 🔥 REVIEW 🔥

Best Selling PowerPoint Template 2021 🔥 REVIEW 🔥
✅ Corporate Business PowerPoint Presentation:
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Hello Everyone in today’s video I will be reviewing one of the best selling PowerPoint templates on graphicriver. This PowerPoint template is called Corporate Business PowerPoint Presentation and was created by -BeCreative-. You will learn what’s awesome about this template and what could be improved. We will test how easy it is to use picture placeholders, how to change template colors, insert company logo, slide numbers. In this video I am using Microsoft PowerPoint 365 for Windows. Let’s go!

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20 comentarios

  1. Silvio PV

    You know, a while back I made a comment about liking your old videos better. Now I come across this same video and I have to say, I liked it more than b4. Watched 2x. You still my 1st choice ever for PPs. Thank you!

  2. Eric Schaaf

    This is designed like a brochure and not useful for actual presenting in front of an audience. Too much text and the font sizes are way too small. What’s the average font size, 14-16 pt?

  3. Geo history India

    When I use zoom slide background , features in PowerPoint , the slides become blurr . Please Help.I am really depressed .In wait of reply 😒

  4. Elena Ulyanova-Grishina

    I need icons glassmorphic tutorial. Thank you for your lessons

  5. selvakumar A

    One skill you didn't do the video about Thailand video map in power point

  6. Faiza Nafees

    Hi, congratulations on your 400k subscribers. I have a request. Can you please teach us how to make thumbnail for youtube videos on PowerPoint.

  7. Tyler Stanczak

    Congrats on hitting 400k subs Kasparas. That’s an exciting milestone.

  8. Agung Char

    Please template powerpoint bauhaus style🙏, thanks🙏🙏

  9. lowerstreet

    That was really useful in learning how to make adjustments to a pre-existing template. I've always had difficulties with that. Plus it taught me how to use the Slide Master more effectively. Thanks for the video!

  10. Ez_Bee

    i bet he made this video in powerpoint 😀 great stuff!

  11. rushikanth velchuri

    Sir can you make business presentation in next level to your modern presentation video and can you make video how to use slide master for logo etc pls ☺️ super video 📸📷

  12. manideep velchuri

    Sir nice explanation 😁☺️ and I have a doubt what is a business presentation what content should be there like title welcome message agenda mission vision etc can you make business presentation and explain it pls

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