Best and Worst Crowdfunding Videos – Review and Critique

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Crowdfunding Checklist Plan:

Best and Worst Crowdfunding Videos – Review and Critique

In this video, I review 2 crowdfunding videos from current campaigns:

Get the Kickstarter Launch Formula by Salvador Briggman:

Videos Reviewed:
Zired Motor –


Holovect –

I then review 2 crowdfunding videos from campaigns that have had tremendous success:

The Micro 3D Printer –


Sondor eBike –

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14 comentarios

  1. Mickelodian Surname

    Ohh that first one… I mean… sorry I just couldn't cope with listening to a review of that…. it'd be like reviewing what my cat threw up. Lets move on now, and never speak of this 'rotomotor whatsitcalled' campaign ever again.

  2. U Got This Fun

    Thank you, this video is very helpful! My biggest crowd source is through Tick Tok. Any suggestions there ???

  3. 1NeoSoulChild

    Wow i have a LOT of work to do. Im trying to figure out my angle and which platform to utilize. Sadly i feel nervous because I know i have to deliver a pitch with 1000% because I'm a single owner, Black woman. But I'm going to dig deep creatively and give it all i got. Lol

    Thanks for this vid!

  4. ju last

    You talk to much, Why use 20 words when one will do. Mark twain.

  5. Steve Greenfield

    Geez! What is with the loud screechy jangle at the beginning? Some of us are wearing earphones.

  6. Val

    Thanks for the review. I'm in the process of creating a crowdfunding campaign for a clothing Brand I've produced. Your thoughts and the examples you provided were "right on"

  7. sinhatilak

    What should ideally be the time frame for an introductory video and what type of presentation mix i.e. texts, animations, voice overs, still shots, brief talks by the promoters do you suggest?

  8. Jacki Malec

    Great job shedding some light on all of this.
    I am very new to this- have specific quesitons- how can i get ahold of you?

  9. Zelmann1

    Very useful info! I'm starting with my pre-launch of my campaign soon before doing the campaign. Thank you!!!

  10. Life with Mora

    Very helpful, thank you for the reviews, I am about to start my crowdfunding campaign myself.

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