Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023: Bonus Day [Teaser]

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Surprise Bonus Day training with Tony and surprise special guest, Academy Award® winning actor Matthew McConaughey! [Teaser]

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Unleash the Power Within is the signature event designed by entrepreneur, best-selling author and #1 personal development leader Tony Robbins. This revolutionary four-day seminar has been attended by millions of people around the world for its renowned, life-changing content.

Hosted by Tony and a team of leading experts across multiple industries, participants learn methodologies to break through all limits and create an improved quality of life with unlimited energy and passion. Each day of the event focuses on key areas of life to improve, including work, spirituality, relationships and health.

Celebrity attendees of Unleash the Power Within include actors Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler, Grammy Award-winning musician Melissa Etheridge, television host Maria Menounos, rapper and songwriter Pitbull, snowboarder Shaun White and professional tennis player Serena Williams.

Now available as an immersive virtual event in addition to an in-person event, Tony Robbins and Unleash the Power Within are reaching more people than ever before. With record-breaking attendance, virtual events have drawn crowds of more than 30,000 people from 195 countries.

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That feeling you grapple with every day of wanting to change, but struggling to change because 30 minutes into the day you’ve already caved and did what you said you wouldn’t do, is more than paralyzing. It makes you frustrated and angry with yourself. That habit loop of disappointment leads many people to depression and living a mundane life filled with unfulfilling things you don’t even value.

Tony Robbins is a legend that needs no introduction. His work has been changing lives at scale for decades and continues to grow more powerful and more impactful every year.

Tony’s Date with Destiny program was shown in a controlled study by Stanford University researchers to improve the state of mind of clinically depressed participants without the use of drugs, even well after program completion. The power of what you focus on, good or bad impacts the life you experience. As Tony emphasizes in this conversation, a compelling future that allows you to focus on something more than yourself, something meaningful is required to start living your best life.

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“We can all deal with a difficult today if we have a compelling tomorrow.”

“You don’t experience life, you experience the life you focus on.”

“People have habits of what they focus on and those habits become your biochemical habits as well.”

“Identity is, who are you beyond the problem.”

“We’re drawing in information and we’re starving for wisdom.”

“A belief is a poor substitute for experience. You can tell somebody something and they can nod their head and cognitively understand it, but that’s quite different from the visceral experience of getting it in your body.”

“Most people think that hypnosis is something that people do to them, but most people are living in a hypnotized state.”

“Self-esteem is earned by yourself for yourself. It comes from doing something incredibly difficult and no one else knows it, you know it that’s why you have esteem for yourself.”

“It’s really what you link pain and pleasure to that creates lasting change.”

“The biggest drug on the planet is problems because everyone has a deep fear.”

“Leverage is what makes change a must not a should.”

“We can get beyond any pain that we’ve been through if there’s something we want to serve more than ourselves.”

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40 comentarios

  1. richetta ricks

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TONY ROBBINS! HE HAS CHANGED MY MINDSET JUSTVOFF OF HIS OLD SPEECHES HE IS THE TRUE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 69Trading

    why did you take this off…? lmao . someone that doesn't care about money… BS

  3. Brian D

    👎Yaaaaa!!!! Another billionair telling us how it is. 💩💩💩At least he has a heart of gold. I get it. We have to put effort into our focus, state, identity, etc. After years of that. incramentaly better. Lack of opportunity. Effort / yield. Not compelling for the future. I don't expect Tony or anyone will fix the B.S. economy. I appreciate your effort Tony.

  4. Dumebi Chinyem

    Please, could someone tell me how I can get the full videos to watch? I can only find the teasers, which last 15 – 20 minutes.

  5. Dumebi Chinyem

    Please, could someone tell me how I can get the full videos to watch? I can only find the teasers, which last 15 – 20 minutes.

  6. Christine Morgan

    Hello Tony Robbins community! Well I'm that one that didn't buy her ticket on time before the challenge time ended. I'm not sure if I can ask, but does anyone have an extra ticket I can buy via credit card that purchased during the challenge with the extra bonuses?



  8. Unicat Studio

    Dear Tony and Tony's Team, the interview with Mathew was awesome 😍 It would be great if you'd share even short version (highlights) on your channel. I think it would be wonderful material for many people 💗 Thank you for wonderful challenge. You made a shift in me. Now I am hungry for more from Tony. This year I wasn't able but for sure I will attend seminar in the future 🙂 Thank you for all what you do for us! You are awesome – Tony and whole Team and Friends 💗 thank you 😊

  9. TRYumph Coaching - Growth Mindset Self Improvement

    Nothing changes without action, so keep it up.

  10. TheMercilina

    I wish I could do this for young people in my country Nigeria because so many of them are lost with no one to guide them into purpose. They relocate to other countries but its almost same cycle because then they work menial jobs and don't get to live out and express who they are at the core

  11. alejandra ortiz


  12. alejandra ortiz

    entro a cada hora, a ver si esta en español y no esta…este dia no lo estuvo traducido al español???

  13. alejandra ortiz

    podrian subirlo en ESPAÑOL tambien? … porfavor!!!! antes de que los quiten todos)

  14. alejandra ortiz

    Hola…. quiero ver éste en español también PLEASE ‼️🙏🌏🇪🇦❤️🇦🇷🙌😍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. hopethrives

    Does anyone know if they'll be posting videos of the UPW experience? (Obviously not on YouTube for people who don't pay, but maybe a special link?) If you have kiddos and little help, it's pretty unlikely to be able to catch all 12 hours live each day…

  16. Hi nice to meet you

    Tony is amazing! I could have done WITHOUT Ellen and Matthew McConnaghey though….really sick of most these puppet celebrities

  17. randy nelson

    I love YOU Tony and I appreciate you and your team! Blessings

  18. Tom Bilyeu

    WARNING: I will never ask for your contact info in the comments section, that is someone impersonating me!

  19. About Blank

    yes stop drinking rat poison and by this i do not mean beer, sodas, cofee, etc, rat poison is odorless colorless and tasteless, and these days it requires sertificate to buy it from a store, so its tracable, if you get exposed to it by someone, if you have bad luck, the dose you got was from the "old batch" from the days any one could buy it, and dont do meth, amfetamine, is diffrent…. so i hope this helps.

  20. Louise Wilken

    There is also a relationship between gut health and brain…microbione health also affects us..most people dont know this…i have changed my eating habits…plant based whole foods has made a huge differance…also helped with anxiety…

  21. Daniel Stauß

    This is true. I was tired as fuck and changed a few thouhts and have more energy

  22. Caleb Douglas

    We have to get the book first? I went to the website…

  23. s ballantine

    I've never been a fan of Tony Robbins, but this interview is really interesting.

  24. sony

    Really interesting interview hope to see more stuff like this or any topic on anxiety… God bless you all people ❤️😊

  25. Tara Monroe

    Tony is right. You have to do the internal work though and that’s the hard part. People need a lot of assistance revealing their automatic thoughts and changing them, then maintaining the changed thought patterns. And society is a constant negative influence so you have to be ready for those triggers back to a negative thought loop. But that is absolutely what works.

  26. Robert K

    Who else thinks Tony Robbins is a National Treasure ?

  27. Jonathan End

    Great content, Tom! Thank you and Tony for these beautiful insights and lessons! 🙂 sending blessings to you

  28. Right Home Care

    I LOVE Tony! He's an awesome guru and individual. He has touched many lives in a good way

  29. Ronald Purdy

    These motivational speakers have helped create thousands of new ways for people to think and succeed.
    My problem is they make millions of dollars, and they deserve it, but they charge thousands for a seminar or upwards of $10,000 for a program. It would be nice if the little guy could afford it.

  30. Amanda Pughakoff

    I know Tony mentioned our brain automatically focuses on certain things so we don’t get overwhelmed essentially or focus on everything our eyes see.

    What is happening/ what can help when you have that feeling of overstimulation?
    Clutter (which may not even truly be clutter to someone else) or even something simple as hanging pictures on the wall in my house, can sometimes feel like too much stimulation

  31. Next Level Backup Singer

    Wow I need to listen to more Tony Robbins!

  32. Donna Patacchiola

    Dr Fauci ruined our compelling future! What a bag of donuts.

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