Basepaws Makes a $50 Million Deal – Shark Tank

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In Season 10, Kevin O’Leary made a deal with entrepreneur Anna Skaya for her cat DNA test company Basepaws. In this Shark Tank Update, Anna and Kevin explain the new deal they’ve made for the company to be acquired for more than million. From ‘Shark Tank’ season 14, episode 8. Watch ‘Shark Tank’ FRIDAYS 8/7c on ABC. Stream on Hulu.
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Alexander Simone is seeking 0,000 for 5% for his wine chilling device, Pronotbev.

From Season 9 Episode 11

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Will The Sharks Take A Sip With Prontobev? | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global
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27 comentarios

  1. Razear

    Kevin lost millions when FTX when under…hopefully this helps recuperate some of it. XD

  2. DavesDime

    Not gonna lie, from the thumbnail I thought that cat was taxadermied and thought "oh wow that's kind of creepy for a $50 million dollar business"… but yeah tech company makes more sense.

  3. Splendid Londoner

    Kevin just 20x his money! Greedy b…..d got very lucky here! Fair play though!

  4. MediaRocka

    Fantastic deal! And now with dogs a far bigger market. The only way is up! Congrats! Very inspiring story!

  5. The Doctor

    LMAO @kevin in the meeting, kinda feels like Sheldon on the monitor😆

  6. Simhadri Bharadwaja

    Kevin, hands down has one of the best exists in Shark Tank history.

  7. Moon Shine

    I don’t see what’s so special about this product or why people need it. It’s too specific. People who are into wines would just use a fridge or a cooler. Nobody’s going to spend $130+ taxes on this.

  8. NiO YT

    Hey try this product collaboration with Friz company's they take and use you're product compulsory

  9. Mr.D L

    What a dumb product. I don't see this going anywhere especially with the competitor being so much more cheaper.

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