A Financial Notion: My Financial Tracker Build | Step-by Step Notion Tutorial

A Financial Notion: My Financial Tracker Build | Step-by Step Notion Tutorial
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A Financial Notion: My Financial Tracker Build | Step-by Step Notion Tutorial

My most requested video? a Notion financial tracker build to help you manage your personal finances. Here it is! my step-by-step Notion Tutorial on building a finanical Notion template to budget with… or download the Notion template here: https://www.bettercreating.com/downloads
This is Part 1: Databases. I finally built it: a Notion income and expenses tracker to simplify your budgeting. If you can’t find the right money management system for your needs, better just build your own! Time to do some budgeting in Notion.

A Financial Notion: How I Budget in Notion (Set-up & Template Tour): https://youtu.be/0H86r6HGlog

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The Ultimate Notion Template Hack?! Financial Tracker Dashboard Build 2 (Notion tutorial) https://youtu.be/aM-qOJlaxmE
My Complete Notion Life Management System Overview 2021: https://youtu.be/szTZdEQsiys
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COPY & PASTE FORMULAS for the Expenses Database Build are here:
Brackets aren’t allowed in YouTube descriptions!?

00:00 A Notion Budgeting Template
00:50 Notion Template Build Guide
01:38 1. Building The Income Database
05:36 2. Building The Expenses Database
10:07 3. Copy & Paste Expenses Formulas
12:58 4. The Balance Database
14:43 5. Connecting The Databases & Using Notion Roll-ups
19:10 Part 2: The Dashboard & Regular Item Generator

Quick DISCLAIMER! My templates and builds are guides and suggestions only and not financial advice: you are responsible for checking calculations and for managing your own finances.

My name is Simon, and I’m finding ways to simplify productivity & creative life. Exploring productivity, simple living and creative life, the Better Creating YouTube Channel is my project to build a toolkit to help creative people (including me) create more meaningful work, create better content, and live more intentional stress-free lives in the process. Other than doing this, I work as a freelance creative in theatre and film, creating productions.

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20 comentarios

  1. Intan Hardianti Savitri

    I wish I watched your video sooner!

  2. Enzo Caldora

    Hi, i have a problem with inline table, when i write /table i only have 3 choices : table/table view/table of content. I cant find inline table, is an upgraded version required ?

  3. d9esperado

    I didn't like this video because he goes so fast that you can't see what he's doing. You have to rewind multiple times and stop it at just the right millisecond to see what he clicked on. A big thumbs down from me.😤

  4. Jonny D

    I have put in a feature request for linked tables – ie, where you don't need a 'title' field but can relate two tables via a third. If that comes along, it will be a real game changer for things like this.

  5. Rainey Keegan

    Ive triple checked all spelling but Planned expenses and status formulas still do not work. Do you have another formula that I could try if the ones I'm using are incorrect by chance?

  6. Victor Ramos

    is that a set of zeiss with an helios 44f2 back there?

  7. Bartoski

    Quick question: In the Status Property the code presents "Over Spend" when de property "Planned Expense"=0. Can I add a piece of code so "the property Status" remains empty when Planned Expense =0?

  8. Joanna Marie Barabad-Layos

    Yay! Loved your video. Can't wait for the second part!

  9. Asami Iida

    Hello, nice video! But I have a problem with the 'Planned Expenses' formula, I just fixed it, but doesn't make any change related with the 'Set Budget', it still in 0.

  10. Yeepee Yeepee

    Great video, cheers! Just one thing, it seems that both Status and Planned Expenses don't work as they're supposed to be. I tried to enter several amounts (on budget and over budget) but only On Budget was shown. Much appreciated if you may let me know what possible mistakes I might've made. TA🙂

  11. Mayuresh Atole

    Loved the template!
    Please help with formulae for "Planned Expense" & "Status" they wont work as they supposed to be!
    Thank you!

  12. MM

    There are sth wrong in the formula of "Planned Expenses" , property 🙁 Fixed / Variable / One-off ) is not found

  13. Hanlin Mu

    Hi there! Great Notion database establishing ! GREAT VIDEO !!
    I followed this tutorial and created my own financial tracker. But I do have a question about the Expenses database. Say there are few groceries shopping items within a month, they have variable amounts but same description(as the supermarket's name), how can I set the budget for all those items combined in this month? So basically, I keep track on every purchase, but how can i set One budget for all the repeating purchase within a month, which appears to be a variable amount every time.

  14. Hamna Arshad

    We have to fill the balance relation in income & expenses everytime?

  15. lebohang Pangwa

    You are AWESOME!!! I have had so much fun building my financial tracker. Thanks!

  16. Murat Kilci

    great videos. Do you offer remote consulting? Also, the download link is not working for me :(.

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