5 Tips for CROWDFUNDING Your BOOK (on Kickstarter, IndieGogo, etc.)

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Hello, AuthorTube! Today I’m talking about how authors can use crowdfunding to take preorders for a new book and support any costs of the publishing process. I have 5 tips that I’ve learned from my 2 Kickstarters (which have raised over k total!)
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There are sooooooooooo many things I want to share about deck publishing – this is really just the beginning. If you want to see a particular aspect of deck publishing or deck creation addressed – comment below and let me know!

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31 comentarios

  1. Kenny Johnson

    OK, I do have a question. I am thinking about crowd funding the illustration of my childrens book. I was going to publish through KDP but then I won't really have hard copis of the book to send to people who help fund the project. Where are you publishing your books?

  2. SunlightRaiseLearning

    Thanks! Can you share the manufacturer you use for your stuffed animals?

  3. Hannah Mentel

    Hello! Thanks for sharing. Do you put the book print price that includes royalties for your work in creating or the price of it only as it costs to print

  4. Breakeven Books

    This is a great explanation because I always wondered what the difference was between the platforms. I guess I could have googled it but this was a much better way to find out 😋. Collaborating with people is so fun and can be such a great source for exploring creativity.

  5. The Naked FireFly

    Awesome tips!! I thought about doing it a year or two ago but I was embarrassed so didn’t go through with it. I might have to rethink doing it

  6. tropetrinitytrilogy

    Awesome video, this is really informative, and I'm definitely interested in trying this out. I love independence in my creative endeavors, but I lack money so this would be helpful.
    p.s. I love your shirt!

  7. 10 feral rats in a coat

    I’m so glad you made this!! Thanks for all the tips 🙂

  8. Charles Smith

    Great points SAVY, it's important to get the discussion going because I can see more than a few way I could botch my potential campaign. The Verge has a series on gadget makers & they where complementary in their coverage. Which makes me think this topic is more important than creatives & makers might realize.

  9. Nicole Foti

    Oh! It's so smart to reach out to groups related to your topic! I love that.

  10. Fables Den

    Let me know if you want me to make a video on a specific topic on deck creation / deck publishing / production – comment below!!

  11. Alicia H

    THANKYOU! Very helpful. Can I ask who you got to print your deck? Choosing a printer has been OVERWHELMING!

  12. Celestiall 7777

    Is crowdfunding the only way to create a tarot deck? You know how teespring allows you to sell tshirts without having to package and send, is there a way to do that for tarot cards, or do you have to paackage and send to customers?

  13. Celestiall 7777


  14. James Vanlife

    Definitely good advice! Especially health and disengaging to relax.

    Definitely a new subscriber.
    Thanks for sharing,
    James, Rescue Kitty😺 & Snowvan!

  15. lunaria33

    Thank you so much for this, especially the last note. I just did a pre-launch for my tarot deck on Kickstarter and it goes live late July but I’m so scared 😖. I have to believe in this though and in myself, so thank you 💙

  16. Melanie Murray

    I hear you sister! The perfectionism, the burn outs and self-scrutiny, followed by long periods of ill health… Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, yada yada … Thank you so much for your wise words. Melanie. Xox Oh! Do you have any Gemini in you by any chance? I’m Cancer within Gemini rising btw. 😊🌈🧚‍♀️🌻

  17. Pamela Parlin

    Is someone screaming in the background of your video?

  18. cocteautwinned

    Thank you! May your karma be returned 10 fold. 🔥

  19. kolie's Tarot

    Can you make a video on how to make your deck on photoshop or what software do you use, if you can't draw but have ideas??

  20. Chelsea Delo

    I've seen your deck around different tarot groups. Would love to see more videos on this topic in general. I have a deck that I started and never finished because of my lack of knowing where to begin and the sheer overwhelm.

  21. Briona Jolie

    Who did you print with! I need help finding the right printer and your deck and packaging look amazing!

  22. MrSwilson13

    I want to self-publish my novel and my tarot-style illustrated art cards as companion piece. Which POD book publishers also do packaging and printing for cards well? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance for any replies.

  23. Avory Faucette

    EEEEeeee. As someone who used to sometimes have to create print items for a job, when you started talking about RGB/CMYK I was like "oh no… oh no…" I saw that train wreck coming lol. So sorry you didn't know about that upfront! The shipping and business part is what's terrifying for me about a Kickstarter campaign…

  24. Janis Gaines

    I love your deck, Kim! Thanks for all you did to bring it to the world. Would love to see more decks from you! I’m interested in hearing about how the collaboration process went with the artist. I’m interested in doing something similar. 🤩

  25. Zemimsky

    Subbed and thank you for this and the list of ressources – i am considering creating my own deck and this is hugely insightful 😀

  26. Starseeds & Soul Fractals

    I'm about to make a similar video, because my first indiegogo failed – that being said, my deck has been on the market for over 3 years. I hate to say "it failed" but it did, and a failure like that just taught a lot for me. I intend on talking about my plans to change the next round as I know kind of what went wrong with it – at least for the biggest issue, which was reach. Oh dear goddess it was only seen about 400 times which is nowhere near 1000 backers, I only had 6 backers LOL 😂😂😂

  27. BoyDiviner

    Kim, thank you so much for these tips! I had no idea about CYMK. Even though making a deck is so far away (I don't know if I will ever do it + I have no art skills), it's still a secret dream of mine so more content like this will be much appreciated. Subbed btw!!!

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