10 Rapid-Fire Indiegogo Tips

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Do you want to raise money on Indiegogo? In this video, I’m going to list down 10 rapid-fire Indiegogo tips that will help you to successfully raise funds for your crowdfunding campaign. Killer resources below 👇👇👇

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★★★★ Timestamps ★★★★
0:00 – Introduction
1:23 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #1
2:18 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #2
2:56 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #3
3:50 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #4
4:55 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #5
6:49 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #6
8:07 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #7
9:18 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #8
10:48 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #9
11:49 – Rapid fire Indiegogo Tip #10

Salvador “TK” Briggman

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  1. Tgun

    awesome stuffs. thanks for opening my eyes to the crowdfunding idea.

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